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ui.dev React Full Course Free Download. React Mastery - The ability to take what you learn and apply it towards a production codebase.


Course Overview

  • Introduction, Philosophy, and Tips
  • Projects (What you’ll build)
  • State of React

We’ll start the course off with some housekeeping items. You’ll learn about the best strategy for getting the most out of the course as well as what you’ll build and the current state of React.

The Road to Hello World

  • Everything you should know about NPM
  • (Quiz) NPM
  • Webpack: A Gentle Introduction
  • (Quiz) Webpack
  • (Project) First Component
  • (Bonus) React Elements vs React Components
  • JSX Tips for Beginners
  • (Quiz) JSX

There’s more to learning how to build React apps than React itself. In this section you’ll learn those topics which include NPM and Webpack.

Rendering Lists

  • Rendering Lists in React
  • (Quiz) Lists
  • (Practice) Lists
  • (Solution) Lists
  • (Project) Popular Navar

As a front-end developer, you eventually come to the reality that you’re a glorified list creator. In this section you’ll learn how to create performant lists in React.

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