Ui.dev Massive Course Collection Free Download

Ui.dev Massive Course Collection Free Download.


A UI developer’s role is to translate creative software design concepts and ideas into reality using front end technology. They understand the user interface design solution both in its practical intent and creative vision, and convert it into engineered software.

Modern JavaScript serves not only as a much needed course for React Developers but also as an essential training for any JavaScript developer .

  1. Advanced JavaScript
  2. Learn TypeScript
  3. Modern JavaScript (Tyler Mcginnis)
  4. React
  5. React basics
  6. React Hooks (ui.dev)
  7. React Native (Tyler MCginnis)
  8. React Router v4 (ui.dev)
  9. React Router v5
  10. React with TypeScript
  11. Redux (Tyler Mcginnis) (OLD)
  12. Redux (ui.dev)


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