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What you learn today:

  • How to get a VCC
  • How to get a new IP
  • How to not get limited
  • How to get a real address
  • How to get a new Phone Number

How to get a VCC:

I highly suggest you do not purchase a “VCC” from anyone online, due to theft, fraud etc…

Now for PayPal you can use VISA Prepaid Cards, You can purchase these prepaid cards from websites like Amazon, Ezzocard & even the official VISA website!

Usually the starting price for a prepaid card is $10 - $15 depending on the site, don’t worry though as you can spend the money on the card using PayPal as well!

How to get a new IP:

The best way to get a new IP address is using a VPN (Proxies & VPS are easily detected by PayPal)

I highly suggest using a website called IPBurger.

Once on IPBurger purchase a fresh dedicated VPN ,

The reason we want a dedicated VPN is so that no one else has used the IP address which will prevent us from getting limited

How to get a real address:

There is several websites to help you get a real address, now in my opinion other PayPal users may have used sites like fake name generator, so I highly suggest finding one yourself.

The Method I use to find addresses:

How to get a new Phone Number:

I personally prefer using a burner phone like the Alcatel 1066 with a $1 pay as you go sim, but if your on a budget there is an app called textPlus which lets you receive messages from a US number for free and yes they are private numbers.

Final Tip:

I highly suggest you create a new user/profile on your PC/Laptop

The reason we are doing this is to avoid any trace from cookies, cache etc, leading back to are old PayPal accounts.

How to not get limited:

  • Never use a Public VPN (NordVPN, HMA, IPVanish)
  • Never use same Name, Phone Number or IP (On Different Accounts)
  • Slowly build how much money is in the PayPal account ($50 for 2 weeks, $60 next 2 weeks etc)
  • Receive only Friends & Family Payments

TOP TIP: Once you have received $1500 your account will 100% get limited

Happy learning!

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