ServersForHackers - Shipping docker 💣

What You’ll Learn
This is a comprehensive course in the many uses of Docker.
From playing to developing, testing to deploying, we’ll cover it all in a way that is easy to understand .


We start with the basics and quickly move into how to use Docker in development.
We’ll cover:

  • Installing Docker
  • Getting familiar with the docker command
  • Running containers, seeing their intended uses and limitations
  • Building and managing images
  • New: Build images with BuildKit and Multi-stage builds
  • Efficient Dockerfiles
  • Using multiple containers
  • New: Orchestrating containers with docker-compose version 2 and 3
  • Development Workflows


Testing & CI
We use Docker to create a testing and CI process.
We’ll cover:

  • Setting up and controlling Docker with docker-machine
  • Installing and configuring Jenkins
  • Automating code tests and image builds
  • Saving images to private Docker registries, backed by S3
  • Creating a CI workflow (automated testing) with Jenkins
  • New: Creating a CI/CD workflow with AWS CodeBuild


Docker in production is complex. We’ll see how the latest tooling makes it easier.
We’ll cover:

  • Docker in production on single-hosts
  • Using Docker Registry notifications
  • What docker swarm is and how to use it
  • Advanced Docker networking
  • Building a multi-server production environment
  • Automating rolling deployments
  • New: A complete CI/CD pipeline using Amazon ECS with Blue/Green deployments