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Scaling Laravel
Server optimization , horizontal scaling , and Laravel .
A video course to help programmers scale their applications.

Why Scaling Laravel
The first time I put code into a load balanced environment, I accidentally gave away thousands of dollars in prizes within a few minutes Anxious face with sweat :cold_sweat:.
After pulling an all-nighter to get the code complete under the deadline, I pushed up code that was not ready to be in a scaled architecture. I was clueless.
That night was terrible chaos, but it’s what made me decide to learn more about servers!
In the following years, I learned a lot about servers. It turns out that scaling your application isn’t necessarily hard, but there is a lot to know!
This course aims to help you navigate setting your application up to scale without suffering the same pain I did.

Laravel Optimization
Performance tips to implement into your applications.

  • Caching Tools
  • Efficient Eloquent Queries
  • Table Indexing
  • Object Caching
  • Advanced Queues
  • VueJS with Laravel Echo for real-time updates
  • Transactions & Concurrency Control

Server Optimization
Squeezing more requests per second out of your servers.

  • Setup & Security
  • Network Optimization
  • PHP-FPM Configuration
  • Opcache
  • MySQL Fine-Tuning
  • Server Specialization

Horizontal Scaling
Learn about load balancing and how it affects your application.

  • HAProxy
  • Automated LetsEncrypt for SSL
  • Network Security
  • Static Assets & Sessions
  • Application Readiness

Advanced MySQL
Using MySQL effectively in production.

  • GTID-based replication
  • Best usage of mysqldump
  • “Physical” backups with xtrabackup
  • Streaming backups to S3
  • UTF-8 and performance configuration

Modules Included

Performant Laravel
A module on app optimizations, MySQL indexing, object caching, and more.

Server Setup
A module on setting up and securing your web servers.

Server Optimization
A module on server optimization, including PHP-FPM, Opcache, Networking, and more.

Making an Application
We create a sample application and add some features to scale out.

In-Depth Queues
A module on using queues and improving application UX using Pusher and Laravel Echo.

Server Specialization
We cover how to separate our services onto separate servers, and optimize our MySQL configuration.

Load Balancing
We see how to load balance and how it affects your applications, including handling sessions, uploaded files, and headers.

Scaling on Forge
We apply what we’ve learned and use Laravel Forge to scale our applications out easily on Forge.

Data Integrity
Learn how to handle database concurrency with transactions and concurrency control.

Advanced MySQL
A premium module - learn about GTID replication, off-site backups, xtrabackup, and more!

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