💣 Reed Barger - Build Discord with React

Learn to build and deploy a fully functional Discord clone made entirely with React. Take your skills to the next level by building an epic React app.

Welcome to a dedicated tutorial where you build your very own Discord web app made entirely with React.

Isn’t it time to learn how to create great apps with React?

In just a few days, you can walk through the entire process to start creating your own awesome, ready-to-go apps.

And in that time, you will get more than just a great project …

You will master a full set of powerful skills to create your own incredible applications, limited only by your imagination.

You will create a complete clone of the Discord web app that looks and works just like the real thing.

You will master a powerful set of essential tools, including:

  • Make HTTP Requests Easily With React Query
  • Manage application state with your (new) favorite library: Zustand
  • Secure user authentication with JSON web tokens (JWT)
  • Create an impressive user experience with Chakra UI
  • Upload media and image files with Cloudinary
  • Add fully customizable features with React Hooks
  • Receiving realtime data with websockets using axios
  • Instantly deploy our server + client with Heroku and Netlify
  • Still reading? It’s not even HALF of the skills you learn …

This course has been specifically designed for aspiring developers who:

  • Want to take next-level React skills and quickly increase your value as a developer.
  • Want to learn the whole process of building real React apps to build epic apps yourself.
  • Not satisfied with the courses and tutorials available (which don’t teach you how to do anything other than a boring task app).
  • Already familiar with HTML, CSS and JS, but want a really fun challenge to level up.
  • Want to learn all the skills to become an effective React developer while having fun.

This course is for anyone looking to learn how to build world-class applications using React.

Whether you are looking to get started on an exciting new project or want to become a highly skilled React developer, you will learn a lot in this course.

  • You will get tried and tested best practices for writing React code using advanced functions and libraries (not even touched upon in other tutorials).
  • You will learn first-hand how to build robust React applications without relying on complex state management libraries. You will see how easy it is to manage state with next-level tools like React Query.
  • You will understand how robust rich React apps and interfaces are built from scratch. Everything from installing our dependencies to deploying on the web.
  • Everything about this course is instant, practical and fun. This training was specially designed to value your time (unlike almost any other).
  • By the end of this course, you will have much more than just an awesome real-world application. You will have the skills and techniques to launch your business, your next great app idea, and a top-notch portfolio project that any prospective employer can see.

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