IT Help Desk Professional - Beginner to Pro ⭐️


Must know skills for Helpdesk and Service Desk Professionals!!

What you’ll learn​

  • Further understanding on key IT technologies
  • Basics around Windows 10 administration and support
  • IT Hardware overview and troubleshooting
  • Active Directory and how to use it
  • Basics on what Servers are
  • and much much more!!


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Desire to get that next job and improve your technical understanding


In this course we will cover a number of technology items, focusing on the Help Desk Professional. If you are new to IT, or have been in technology for sometime, this course will give you the foundation that you need to either get that IT job, get promoted, or improve your existing tech skillset.
This course will give you the essential and foundational technical skills for those who currently work in technology, as well as those who want to get into the IT industry.

In this course we’ll provide you with -

  • Further understanding on key IT technologies
  • Basics around Windows 10 administration, troubleshooting and support
  • IT Hardware overview, setup and troubleshooting
  • AD (Active Directory) and how to use AD
  • An overview of DHCP?
  • Basics on what Servers are

Do I need to be an expert?
No, this course is designed for people who are excited about technology and may be either working in technology or looking at getting into IT. It’ll provide a list of key skills for anyone aspiring to work in technology, and improve providing an overview of core system and network technologies.

Why this course?
This course will be easy to understand, and give you an overview of the necessary IT skills you need to know.

You’ll soon start to see why so many people love working in Technology. I love it, and hope that you do also!!
Of course this is only the beginning of your learning journey. Continuing to improve on your tech skills more and more will help you in being a highly skilled IT professional!

Who this course is for:​

  • IT Graduates
  • IT Technicians
  • Helpdesk Analysts
  • Service Desk Analysts

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