How to Convert a Google Sheet to Microsoft Excel ⭐️

By converting your Google Sheet to Microsoft Excel, you can edit your spreadsheet locally with the Excel app on your computer. We’ll show you how to perform this conversion on both the Google Sheets and the Google Drive sites.

Some Google Sheets Functions Don’t Work in Excel

Google Sheets has certain functions that are not supported by Excel. If your spreadsheet uses one or more of these functions, you will need to remove them or replace them with Excel-compatible functions before converting your files. Open as App keeps a list of Google Sheets functions that don’t work in Excel, so check it out to make sure you don’t end up with a broken sheet.

Convert a Google Sheet to Excel From the Google Sheets Website

If you prefer the Google Sheets site to access your spreadsheets, use this method for the conversion.

First, on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, launch a web browser and head over to the Google Sheets site. Log in to your account if you aren’t already.

On the Sheets site, select the sheet you’d like to convert to Excel.

Select a sheet on the Google Sheets site.

Your sheet will open on the Sheets’ editing screen.

Google Sheets' editing screen.

From the menu bar on the Sheets’ editing screen, select File > Download > Microsoft Excel.

Select File > Download > Microsoft Excel from Google Sheets' menu bar.

You will see your computer’s standard “save” window where you can save the resulting Excel file. In this window, choose a folder to save your file in, type a name for your file, and click “Save.”

Select a folder, type a name for the file, and click "Save" in the standard "save" window on the computer.

And that’s it. The Excel version of your selected Google Sheet is now available in the specified folder on your computer. You can use a similar process to convert Google Docs to Word files.