Git and GitHub Essentials for Beginners Free Download


Git and GitHub Essentials for Beginners Free Tutorial Download

Git and GitHub are one of the most important skill that you should learn if you are a Developer or an aspiring Developer.

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle small to very large projects with speed, efficiency and security, whereas GitHub is a website where you store your Git repositories.

In this course we learn all the essentials that need as a beginner to Git & GitHub starting from the fundamentals, Here’s what we are gonna learn in this Course :

  • What is Git?
  • Git Terms
  • Git and Github
  • Git commands
  • Sign-up in GitHub
  • Creating a new Repository
  • Install Git on Local Machine
  • Getting the code editor
  • Inside VS Code
  • Branching Visualization
  • Git Branching
  • Merge Conflict
  • Undoing in Git
  • Forking in Git

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[ ] Skillshare - Git and GitHub Essentials for Beginners - Crash - Google Drive