⭐️ Full stack web development with python django [Durgasoft]


  1. Introduction to Web development and Django

  2. Django & Atom Installation and Development of First Web Application

  3. Django Templates and Static Files

  4. Working with Models and Databases

  5. Working with Django Forms

  6. Working with Django Model Forms

  7. Working with Advanced Template Features

  8. Session Management

  9. User Authentication and Authorization

  10. Class Based Views and CRUD Operations by using both CBVs and FBVs

  11. Django ORM

  12. Working with Advanced Model Concepts

  13. Working with Django Middleware

  14. Deployment of our application in the Live Environment

  15. Real Time Project: Blog Application Development

  16. Introduction to Web application Development by using Flask

UI Technologies

  1. HTML 3

  2. CSS

  3. Bootstrap

  4. JavaScript

  5. DOM

  6. jQuery



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