[Download] Presentation Design: Create a Professional Template

DOMESTIKA - Presentation Design: Create a Professional Template Free Download.


Discover the full potential of presentation design by exploring color, style, composition, and typography

Perhaps one of the most unifying concepts of presentation design is its diversity. In other words, just about everyone needs to know how to create presentations on just about everything. Katya Kovalenko reminds us just how much there is to say without words, but with color palettes, typography, and composition.

Katya is a graphic designer at Quiet Studio where she specializes in creating presentations, infographics, and brand identity. After her widely popular courses like Principles of Presentation Design, and the more area-specific Graphic Visualization: Telling Complex Stories through Simple Images, she is back for another round to teach how to create your own professional presentation template.

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn in-depth about custom presentation design, typography and composition.

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