Coding With Mitch - Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile ⭐️


What is this course?​

Learn how to use Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) to build both an Android client and an iOS client with a shared Kotlin codebase.

Shared Components​

  1. Ktor (Network Client)
  2. SQL Delight (Caching Client)
  3. Kotlinx.datetime
  4. Kotlinx.serialization

Android Specific Components​

  1. Jetpack Compose
  2. Jetpack Compose Navigation
  • (Single activity, zero fragments)
  1. Accompanist Coil
  2. Hilt
  • I decided to use AAC ViewModel because it gives so much state management stuff for free. Maybe in the future a shared viewmodel will be more practical. I’ll talk about this in detail in the course.
  1. Compose-Only navigation system
  • Single Activity, Zero Fragments

iOS Specific Components​

  1. SwiftUI

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