Become a Power BI Service Expert



  • Windows Operating System (Windows 7.10) required


Lesson 1 – Overview

In our first lesson, we will introduce you to Power BI Service and navigate through the home screen. Then we will discuss creating and managing workspaces. Next, we will dive into creating apps and sharing content. Then we will cover storage limits and additional settings. The associated lab will reinforce these concepts into practice.

Lesson 2 – Dashboards

In lesson 2, our focus is dashboards. How to create them and how to share them. We will introduce you to the powerful Q&A feature built into Power BI Service. We will take a closer look at how to look deeper into dashboard tiles through Focus Mode and set alerts to notify us when certain thresholds are breached. We will also cover how to add streaming tiles to a dashboard and cover some extras regarding this content. The associated lab will have you designing a dashboard with alerts and create streaming tiles!

Lesson 3 – Consume Reports

In lesson 3, we will cover the heart of Power BI service, reports. We will show you how to consume, interact and create utilizing built-in features for reports. We will cover bookmarks and a cool newer feature that allows you to personalize existing visuals. We will also talk about options to share and collaborate reports with others. The associated lab will reinforce these concepts.

Lesson 4 – Datasets

In our last lesson, we will cover data. How to get it and how to manage it. We will discuss connecting to different data sources and viewing the path of data, from source to dashboard. We will show you different ways to refresh data. We will also provide a way to get quick insights into your data as soon as its loaded to start creating insightful reports. We will also cover the basics of report creation. By the end of the last lab, you will have loaded your own .csv file, received quick insights into the data and created a two page report, worthy of a true data analyst!

Who is this course for?

  • New and Current Power BI Service users
  • Businesses that use Power BI
  • New and Current Data Analysts


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